Although there are many concerts of various prices that you can go to in Korea, you can’t beat the free concerts that feature your favorite artists. Today’s post will introduce some ways by which you can enjoy free gigs in Korea. There are many music programs on television. Let’s look at Sketchbook. Have you noticed the vast audience who sing and laugh along? How do they get there? To get seats at shows like Sketchbook, you go through a simple application process. Visit the program’s official website available through the website of the broadcasting station that airs the show. Sign up for an account with the website. Log in with the account to apply to be in the audience for the next available episode. Sometimes this process requires you to write up a brief explanation of why you are interested in going to the particular show. For some programs, the staff will manually go through each entry to determine the winners, but most of the time, winners are selected by random.

EBS Space Konggam (공감) is a neat program that features interesting musicians whom you would be lucky to catch. Some of them may sound obscure, but often, they will either turn out to be or are about to be well-known. Konggam has been around for a while and I think it tends to focus more on music because of the absence of a regular emcee. Here, the musicians themselves provide small talks in between their performances, and the content of the show is heavy on providing music. The important information is that Konggam also has an audience ticket giveaway process. Because of the intimate setting of the show and the quality of the musicians invited, winning tickets to a Konggam episode is competitive, but if you score those tickets, it will be like going to a really special concert.

Chung Ji-chan’s With You (정지찬의 위드유) provided by T-Broad is a lesser known program which features both mainstream and underground musicians. With You gives away overflow tickets to people starting 3PM on the night of the show (7:30PM usually) so if you have time to stop by the venue, you may be able to grab a ticket.

While many of these programs are filmed in Seoul, Kwangju (Gwangju) is home to Nanjang. Because of the location that makes it hard for people from outside of Gwangju to come, the application process seems less competitive. But Nanjang is still a great show.

Besides Konggam, With You and Nanjang, there are other television music programs that give away audience tickets. Also, Korean radio programs have regular giveaways that include tickets to big name concerts. If you are diligent enough to apply for the giveaways, you can enjoy so many cultural events for free in Korea.

On Stage: Seoul-based program provided by Naver Music featuring a range of musicians including those who are not often seen on television

Yoon Do-hyun’s MUST: Seoul-based program provided by mnet TV that surveys songs that the public likes and brings in musicians to perform some of the popular songs from the list

Beautiful Concert: Provided by MBC and moderated by Hong Kyoung-min (홍경민), features musicians from mainstream and underground

Lee So-ra’s Second Propose: Provided by KBS Joy and hosted by, this show is considered a sequel to Yi So-ra’s Propose aired on KBS some years ago

M Sound Plex: Provided by mnet TV, moderated by Pak Kyoung-lim (박경림) and Chung Won-young (정원영), features both mainstream and underground musicians

Music programs featuring mostly mainstream Kpop musicians:

KBS Music Bank
MBC Show Music Core
SBS Popular Music

MNET Countdown: No tickets are required to attend the show but interested people are to come before the 6PM show, tickets are handed out on a first-come-first-served basis

MTV the Show: No tickets required but interested parties are to come before the 6:30PM show, tickets handed out on a first-come-first-served basis