I stumbled upon an episode of KBS Top Band and regretted not having watched the series from the beginning. Korean television has been inundated with audition programs since the huge success of Superstar K on Mnet. MBC Star Audition, Korea’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Star, Kiss and Cry, I am a Singer, Immortal Song… Each show strives to be different and each contestant is special, but the sheer number of similarly themed programs that just seem to keep coming made Top Band look like another unoriginal attempt to take advantage of the audition hype. But with collaboration among charismatic musicians and passionate contestants, Top Band is a gem.

J-Power is a band who has Kim Do-gyun as their coach. They delivered a cover of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” for the quarterfinals, and I did not have to think about anything else while they played. It was that engrossing. Their stage made me wonder whether the absence of a vocalist in this band, a concern that has been raised by one of the judges previously, will ever be a problem. The tournament continues with eight bands who have survived the grueling but exciting journey.

On a complete side note, UV’s single “Who am I” featuring You Hee-yeol and Jung Jaehyung is out and is hitting the top of many kpop charts. The music video hahahahaha ㅋㅋㅋ