On November 10, Korean high school seniors will be taking the dreaded and grueling college entrance exam that will determine their immediate or even long-term future. Although there is more work to be done like strategically figuring out where to apply and the actual writing of applications, being done with the exam will lift a huge burden off these sleep-deprived teenagers. Two songs that get played heavily during this season are Hwang Kyu-young’s “I’m okay (나는 문제 없어)” and Yoon Sang’s “Running (달리기).”  SES also did a remake of “Running.” While I was looking for YouTube videos of these songs, I came across related songs that would be as good in providing confidence and solace to those of us who may be going through a difficult time and are on the verge of giving up.

Kang San-ae’s “You can do it (넌 할 수 있어)” and “Like the salmon leaping up the river (거꾸로 강을 거슬러 오르는 저 힘찬 연어들처럼)” 

Shin Sung-woo’s “For tomorrow (내일을 향해)”