A merry cover art is waking up the desire for chocolate-covered fruits, pretzels, and other goodies.

Kim Dong-ryule (김동률)’s newest album was released three days ago and contains eight tracks complete with lyrical tunes right for both a bustling and contemplative holiday season.

Having heard of the perfectionist in Kim, I try to imagine how involved he must have been in his creative ruminations to execute and bring forth this work.

Of all the songs that I am listening to now, “A new start (새로운 시작)” which Kim sings with Pak Sae-byul (박새별) who lightens up Kim’s heavy vocal with her pretty voice and “The way we live (우리가 세상을 살아가는 법)” in which several of Kim’s friends join in to produce a very warm sound are most enjoyable. Na Yun-kwŏn and Chŏng Sun-yong are two of my favorite singers whose voices can also be heard on the latter track. “Replay” is great because I feel as though I can hear the more interesting, dynamic version of Kim’s voice here than in any other songs that he sings solo on this album, but what do I know.. other than that I can gulp down a bucket of chocolate-covered anything right now.