Chung Won-young (정원영) is a notable musician and keyboardist, but it wasn’t until last year that I came to know of him via You Hee-yeol’s (유희열) radio program which invited the band that Chung had formed with his students. I learned that Chung had been in the historic bands like Stone Age (석기시대), Love and Peace (사랑과 평화), and Gigs. He was one of the early musicians, along with Kim Kwang-min (김광민), Han Choong-wan (한충완) and Han Sang-won (한상원) to move to Berklee for studies after having been around the K-pop scene. Listening to the radio, I figured that he was an interesting guy with talent and youthful passion that enabled him to play music with much younger people. I also learned that he had recovered from an illness.

Then, I saw more of Chung through a TV program called Top Band where he was one of the coaches for the participating bands. Chung’s attention and thoughtful expression of his appreciation for the participants’ music showed the tremendous warmth in his personality and led me to look for more of his music.

Gone days (가버린 날들)” is from his first solo album from 1993. It was refreshing and comforting to the ears used to today’s mainstream music. I don’t know much and make a far fetching assertion again, but the song made me think that Chung must have been both good at and liked music. Although it is embarrassing to make a flimsy leap from just one song, it must have been this affinity to music that brought him to different people and places where he continued to immerse in music. All these experiences would have also provided for a teacher with a sharp ear and a youthful heart.