The latest from Sweet Sorrow are two songs which are part of their album scheduled to be released in January 2012. In “First Date“, written by Kim Young-woo, Sweet Sorrow’s mellifluous voices capture the lovely excitement of a guy looking forward to his date. This song flows with milk and honey which would enrich the already rich experience of the lovey dovies but could be detrimental to those of us without a fellow human to dedicate this kind of affection to, especially at this time of the year. Thus it is a sweet and sorrowful moment the song creates. The other song, “Dear“, written by Sung Jin-hwan is more stripped down but is complete with the sincere voices and the heartfelt words addressed to a beloved friend who is moving to another place. The lyrics are memorable because they reveal a state of mind that we can relate to when we have to send away our loved ones but often fail to communicate for different reasons. It is sorrow that the friend has to go, but sweet is the understanding that has been developed during the times shared. “Dear” prompts us think of the people around us and how we are deeply glad of their presence, especially during this time of reflections and resolutions.