There had been a time when I could easily list almost all of the girl groups active in the kpop scene. SES, Finkl, Baby Vox, Diva, Circle, Cleo, Titima, Coco, Hans Band, Chakra, O-24, Bobo.. But it’s become increasingly difficult to keep track of girl groups. While Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, Kara, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, Secret, Miss A, T-ara, 4Minute, f(x), After School and Sistar have garnered enough recognition that people other than teens probably can tell who they are by their photos or songs, there are others who often go unnoticed.

Spica is one of the newest girl groups from B2M Entertainment where Hyori makes her home. Their recent digital single “Potently” sounds as though Spica will not take on the cute, adorable image with which some of the other groups debuted. They showcase strong vocals. Also, they are older compared to many newly debuting groups: Yang Ji-won (1988), Kim Bo-a (1987), Park Joo-hyeon (1986), Park Na-rae (1988), Kim Bo-hyeong (1989). It seems as though all of the members have already had a great deal of training and experience. I came to listen to “Potently” through Yang Ji-won who stars as a theatre arts major on MBN’s What’s Up. In the episode where the guys in Group A brainstorm about their project assigned by Professor Seonwoo, Yang impresses everyone with her talent that fires up Chae-young’s jealousy.

It was surprising to find out that she had been training for girl groups when she appears to be such a naturally talented musical-star-aspiring kid with a friendly heart. We will have to see whether Spica will be able to survive the competition. As of now, they have attracted enough attention with their robust training histories and Hyori’s appearance in “Potently” music video.