A cheery tune brought to you by the five lovely ladies of f(x)! Peppertones who is known for making zappy music wrote this song which successfully transports its buoyant energy.

When I first heard f(x) on television, it was pretty interesting. They must have been singing “La Cha Ta.” While f(x) resembled other girl bands from SM Entertainment in their fair looks and performance, what they were singing did not come away as something that a typical SM girl band would start its career with. The lyrics were also interesting. How were we supposed to know that “la cha ta” was a new expression of excitement? But the use of enigmatic words that continued with “Chu~♡” and “Nu Abo” now seems so normal that an f(x) song without one would be almost disappointing. More than two years have gone by since f(x) debuted in September 2009. It’s not so hard to catch members of the group on television these days.

f(x)’s “Stand Up!” may not be as enigmatic as some of its other songs, but it brims with brisk and youthful energy, just like the people who sing the song. The song reminds me of the cartoons that I used to love to watch between 6 and 7 at night as a kid. It also kind of reminds me of a computer game that I used to love to play.