[Off The Record] 수경(with 빨간의자)_별거 아닐거란 생각에 from Deviljoon on Vimeo.

Soo Kyoung is an up-and-coming musician with two singles and a full-length album to her credit. Her full name is Jung Soo-gyoung. She was born in 1989 and studied at Dong-ah Broadcasting College and is currently attending the Seoul Institute of the Arts. I stumbled upon “Thinking that it’s nothing” (별거 아닐거란 생각에) on the Bugs website. It was both fun and frank. Some may see Soo-kyoung as another folk pop singer-songwriter with another pretty song, but I think it’s rather encouraging to see new musicians like her, and I wait for more. I tried translating the album information found on the Bugs website. It’s not very good, but here it is anyway.

Album review (from Bugs.com)
Soo Kyoung's first album

Folk pop singer-songwriter Soo Kyoung breathes life into ordinary days with a warm and calm gaze [÷ (Division)]

After winning the Hottracks’ contest for new artists with “Potato-stew diner’s son” (감자탕집 아들), singer-songwriter Soo Kyoung gained greater notice when she was awarded at the 21st Yoo Jae-ha Music Contest in 2010 for “Snail home.”

Broken wind” (부서진 바람) and “Tell me that word” (그 말을 해줘), singles released prior to her official album, sing about love, one of the two subjects often addressed by her music. “Bloody wings” (핏빛날개) sings about love more profoundly and intensely. Amid the peaceful atmosphere orchestrated by the piano and the strings, the depth of the song which declares that love is what we have even when we cannot see it reflects the expanse of Soo Kyoung’s music. “On a day like this” (이런 날엔) is a love song which patiently tells about the clutter of emotions that cannot be organized. In “Meta-sequoia path” (메타세콰이어 길) we encounter the joy of love with light-heartedness.

The charm in Soo Kyoung’s music is revealed through its warm gaze that focuses on fleeting, ordinary life. The first track on the album and Hottracks contest winning song “Potato-stew diner’s” starts with a playful conversation, but the skillful progression that Soo Kyoung employs to show the delight of daily life shows something about her musical world. “Let’s sing together” (다함께 노래해요) with its youthful exuberance and “Wedding” written as a nuptial song also sings about the joy of trivial yet meaningful moments of everyday life.

Having written and sung all the songs on the album, Soo Kyoung has attended to the fundamentals of singer-songwriting with diligence. Her music is not rugged or flashy. It is not intentionally cheerful. Instead, she simply sings about the trivial but precious stops in life and the intricate emotions of love with certain calm and intensity. This is the charm that her first record brings.