tweet about how good John Park's latest album is

Kim Young-woo’s tweet (@boysbeanxious), retweeted by Sung Jin-hwan (@JinhwanSung) caught my eye. Apparently, John Park’s latest album was so good that Kim almost missed his exit on the road while listening. On the other hand, Jin-hwan who actually did take a wrong turn takes the opportunity to blame it on John, too :)

John Park’s first album Knock has been released, almost a year after he joined the star-studded label known as Music Farm. “Falling” written by Park and composed by British songwriter Andy Platts literally is about falling according to the music video. A red cargo container falls out of the sky and sinks into the ocean. Then, we see another red cargo container (or is it the same one) on an empty beach, and out walks John in flats that don’t seem to belong to his shoe rack.

Knock contains five songs. Kim Dong-ryul who had generated considerable media for his contribution wrote “Why” (왜 그럴까) and “This isn’t it” (이게 아닌데) in addition to providing musical and mental support.