I found out about Halla Man through his newest song “Don’t you know.” Frustrating is my inability to express what this song’s like. But it feels a lot like Go Chan-yong’s “Twenty-three.” I had heard of Halla Man on radio some years ago and assumed that it had referred to a hip hop musician. Naver searches didn’t yield any profile results on Halla Man. According to Bugs, however, Halla Man boasts an expansive career including an award from the MBC University Music Festival while attending Yonsei University, work with Namgung Yeon on Mi Novia, soundtracks for various dramas and films and columns written for music magazines. The music video for “Don’t you know” directed by Halla Man himself is just one example of his versatile talent. The video captures Halla Man’s long-time neighborhood “Segeomjeong” (세검정) of the Buam-dong and Hyoja-dong area.

Refreshed by the beautiful sound of “Don’t you know,” I looked up another song of Halla Man “This good day” (이렇게 좋은 날에도).