“200 km/h” is the debut song of Sunday Brunch. 

Sunday Brunch is a female musician who is also known by her legal name Kim Hee-young. While attending Yonsei University, Kim sang in the legendary school band Sonagi and was part of the team that won the first place in the MBC University Song Festival in 2001. Compared to her pre-debut history, Sunday Brunch’s career as a pro-musician has not attracted a whole lot of media; she is probably one of the most underrated singers. Her last record was an EP from 2010. A Naver profile shows that she wrote the lyrics for f(x)’s “sorry” and Miss A’s “멍하니.” The official website provided by the profile seems outdated and no information regarding Sunday Brunch’s current status could be found.

I hope that more people will have the chance to recognize her talent. In the meanwhile, I dug up a video of Sunday Brunch’s singing Miss A’s hit.