Free daily downloads from Soribada

Notes (2/15/2013): The link no longer seems to be working. Soribada might have shut off this service.

I just learned about the free song downloads offered daily by Soribada, a commercial music site that has its beginning in peer-to-peer file sharing. Everyday, Soribada picks a song which is available for free downloading through the end of the day (by the Korean time zone). Ease of use is probably the greatest feature of this service. Even those without the knowledge of Korean would be able to interact with the web page easily without having to register. A Facebook or Twitter account is all that is needed. 

When you click the blue “무료 다운로드” button which simply says “free download,” you will be prompted to log in with either FB or Twitter account. Once you sign in, the download begins automatically (at least in Chrome), and a new Tweet or FB status is published to announce that you are using Soribada. The catch is that Soribada provides you with one free song in return of free publicity. The songs that have been offered include 2am’s “I wonder if you hurt like me,” Shayne’s “Summer love,” Lana Del Rey’s “Born to die” and Park Ji-yoon’s “Dream of becoming a tree.” 

The sliding album arts on the web page indicates that this service has been in existence for some time, going back as far as  July of 2011. Information about how long the service will be in effect could not be found; taking advantage of it while it is still available seems best.