Urbano is an ingenious duo known for its sophisticated music, referred to as “New School Funk” that combines various genres including funk, R&B and soul without submitting to their conventions. Urbano’s songwriting, performance and producing skills speak to its versatility.

Urbano has two records out and has been inactive, but people continually come back to its music. Urbano’s Kim Joong-woo is part of the large band Common Ground and is active as a saxophone player under the name “Jay Kim.” (Kim spent part of his youth in the States, and I’m assuming that’s where Jay Kim comes from.) Chun Young-jin is working as a producer and songwriter.

Kim and Chun went to the same elementary school. Years later, they met again through a mutual friend at a time when Kim was building up his career as a jazz saxophonist and Chun was studying to become an R&B musician. They ended up getting together as Urbano. Their first album was released in 2002, and second album in 2004. “Somethin'” is from the second album.