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Verbal Jint, a Korean rapper who also does dubbing/voice acting work, is a bachelor born in the year of the monkey according to “원숭이띠 미혼남.” The song with a zany title comes from his fourth album Go Easy whose title track “좋아보여” features Cho Hue-il of the Black Skirts.

I found out about Verbal Jint in 2006 when 015B returned with a new album that featured many famous people like Lena Park, Dynamic Duo, Horan and You Hee-yeol. Korean media was attracted to another guy who had contributed to the album mainly for his academic credential: Verbal Jint. Although Verbal Jint had released singles and EPs as early as 2000 and had been active in the underground scene, to many people, he became known as the rapper who went to the nation’s top university. Years later, to many people, Verbal Jint is more than an elite rapper who benefited from 015B’s reputation. He has had a prolific career including four official albums and an award for the best hip hop album of the year from the Korean Music Awards in 2009.

In “원숭이띠 미혼남,” Verbal Jint, with Zico of Block B, sings about the insecure life of a run-of-the-mill musician in a Korean society, but the song sends a positive note to the self overall by concluding that that the monkey isn’t about to fall off the tree. Verbal Jint also isn’t an average musician – he’s one of a kind.