Today’s video is of the song called “너는 나에게” (To me, you are) by Peter Pan Complex. This is the first song of the band that I had heard few years back and is still the one that first comes to mind when I think of the band. The song’s from 2006 and is on the band’s third album called [I’m a beautiful man].

너는나에게 from Showmust on Vimeo.

Peter Pan Complex is a Korean indie band. The band recently released its fifth official record after four years. The new album takes a departure from the previous ones by featuring electronic and retro synthpop music according to the Bugs’ information page. Although these labels don’t provide a ready picture of the new album to a layman like me, I can pick up enough of the bouncing, digital sounds of video game music. Many of the songs from this 11-track album are danceable. There are two title tracks: “첫사랑” (First love) and “감정을 삼키고” (Holding back the emotions). The latter may sound more familiar to long-time listeners of the band. Since the March 8 release of the album, Peter Pan Complex has been busy, prepping for and performing in various concerts. Fans will also be able to catch the band at the 2012 Green Plugged Festival and on Top Band 2.