The Day I Come Back

Soran is a young band, but the band has attracted many listeners with its approachable acoustic pop which has become more popular in K-pop. In 2011, Soran signed with the Happy Robot record label where No Reply and Lala Sweet also make their home. Soran’s illustrious members include the leader Ko Young-bae (who studied classical composition in college, sings and plays the keyboard and the acoustic guitar), Seo Myun-ho (who also studied classical music and plays the bass), Pyun Yu-il (the skilled drummer who’s won an award in the prestigious Seoul Drum Festival) and Lee Tae-wook (the new guitarist whom engineers love). Chun Hoon, a founding member and guitarist, is now with Lee Seung-hwan’s band.

Soran recently (April 4) released its first official record which includes two songs from their previous works. “The day I come” (돌아오는 날) is the first track from the new album.