Awaiting happiness” (행복을 기다리며) comes from Yoon Sang’s first album that was released in 1990. I listened to this song for the first time when Song Book was released in 2008. A collection of people, some of whom are close friends of Yoon Sang, had recorded his old songs. “Awaiting happiness” is one of them and is sung by Jung Soon-yong of My Aunt Mary.

I couldn’t find Jung’s version anymore, but Yoon Sang’s original is still available on YouTube. Jung’s voice which is both rugged and sensitive makes for a dynamic song, but Yoon Sang’s gentle voice is equally meaningful.

The lyrics are simple but beautiful. Park Chang-hak who is a long-time friend and colleague to Yoon Sang wrote them. Park has written for much of Yoon Sang’s work. Park’s two daughters and Yoon Sang’s son even got together to record a version of “Things I didn’t know back then (그땐 몰랐던 일들)” which can be found in Yoon Sang’s sixth album.

My understanding of their relationship is solely based on a short article I came upon and is thus very limited, but because the article had framed the interaction as a friendship between two special persons, I was reminded of Wilbur and Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web, which I only read last year. It is alarming just how much I have not read since I was born. In addition to the narrative, there were many memorable quotes. This one, in particular, came to my mind: “It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.”