Top Band marathon

I am having a Top Band marathon tonight. Just finished watching the most recent episode aired on June 23. In it three bands completed the first part of the the third round, the sliding stage, and the second part of the same round continued to narrow the current 30 teams down to 16.

Finally got to watch Coreyah’s refreshing performance of “Frog” whose clever line of lyrics suggests how we, who yearn to climb out of the well (우물), really fall into filth (오물). “우물” and “오물” share the same characters except for one vowel.

The Koxx’s rendition of SES’s “Dreams Come True” brought out the band’s addicting sound. HarryBigButton’s original composition “Angry Face” showed off a great attitude, and I wanted to be angry. Monni’s “Sonagi” (Shower), which comes from their very first album, brought me back to the time I first listened to their song- Kim Sini is a great vocalist. Tacopy’s “Glory Days” reminded me of the late Moonlight Fairy Grand Slam Home Run. Peter Pan Complex was amazing as usual- they seemed to have made a good impression on Yoo Young-suk. Band EZ’s (or VenEZ’s) vocalist was full of fire, and Pia finally wowed the audience and the panel. Ynot pulled off an exciting show, only to be bumped down by Daybreak who currently have the lead.

Ironic Hue, Fellas, Crimson Butterfly Ensemble and Magna Fall performed but were not aired :(

Continued watching more episodes.

Actung’s version of JYP’s “날 떠나지마” (Don’t Leave Me) was awesome. While I don’t know much about the rules of music, and the judges sometimes offer conflicting feedback, making it difficult for me to learn, certain bands do stand out, helping me see that the way bands arrange and play their instruments has an effect on how the audience hears their music. Even though I know nothing about music theory, Daybreak’s “인디언 인형처럼” (Like the Indian Doll) was pleasing to hear because it sounded like a carefully woven piece of attractive garment.

Exit No. 4’s singer’s performance during Panic’s “Snail” was uplifting. Fellas’ singer also has an amazing voice. Super Kidd is truly a hilarious bunch. Wiretap in My Ear’s kept boredom away with their arrangement of “Waa.”

It was nice when Yoo Young-suk mentioned that Jung (情) Band’s “포기하지마 (Don’t Give Up) reminded him of the foreign music that was popular in Korea during the 70s and 80s. I felt like listening to Kim Gun-mo’s “Speed” after seeing several bands deliver the song. Different versions of “Dreams Come True” were as enjoyable as the original.

I liked that Swingz chose to perform “Candy”; even though they are yet an unripe apple, no band could have delivered a Candy-like atmosphere like those girls did. The brief interaction between Tal (Mask) Band’s singer and his daughter who respects her father’s love for music got me all fuzzy and warm.

Watching multiple episodes of Top Band consecutively was great; much of what I remember from it is music and how much people want to make music, not the crap editing or the overly dramatic conflicts that take away from music and the bands.

Next episode will cover more of the sliding stage performances to determine the 16 that will move on to the final.