This episode aired more of the 300-minute stages and concluded with a final list of 16 bands (below) who will advance to the next part of the competition. Transfixion’s signature song “Come Back To Me” pleased the crowd and the panel, but Haerang’s vocals were distracting. Romantic Punch presented a vigorous and engaging performance. Super Kidd and Wiretap in My Ear were solid and professional. Although Number One Korean did not make it to the next stage, their positive energy certainly moved the audience.

The preview hinted that the bands will divide into groups led by each of the judges; we will know for sure later this week.

1. Daybreak
2. Rose Motel
3. Ynot
4. The Koxx
5. Romantic Punch
6. Super Kidd
7. Pia
8. Monni
9. Peter Pan Complex
10. Wiretap in My Ear
11. Transfixion
12. Achtung
13. Coreyah
14. Siberian Husky
15. Fellas
16. Tacopy