Top Band 16 teams

The 16 surviving bands and judges were matched in tonight’s episode. Each judge selected and ranked eight bands that they wished to work together through the final. Next, each band chose the coach of their choice who could either accept or decline the band’s decision.

Shin Dae-chul, who was highly sought after, will work with Siberian Husky, Wiretap in My Ear, Coreyah and Pia. Coreyah, not one of Shin’s choices initially, won over Shin’s heart with the Sarang-ga and the adorable offer to be a guest performer at his future birthdays. Pia was also adamant about winning Shin, asserting that if Shin did not accept them, they had no alternative.

Yoo Young-suk couldn’t be happier with his lot. Super Kidd were the first to join Yoo. Daybreak and Peter Pan Complex whose music seems to match the most with that of Yoo also joined the group. After turning down Monni and The Koxx, Yoo got his wish when Rose Motel chose him.

The seats behind Kim Kyung-ho were empty for a while but he eventually got his first choice Romantic Punch. Fellas the R&B group also chose Kim. Achtung the trio who had chosen Shin initially later joined Kim, and Monni also came on board.

Kim Do-gyun was joined by Tacopy and Transfixion. Ynot and The Koxx whom Shin had declined earlier came to Kim. Kim who had wanted Wiretap in My Ear to be on his team did not get his wish. Coreyah surprised the audience a little when they picked Shin over Kim since Kim’s understanding of traditional music is more advanced.

The interviews suggested that the judges tended to choose according to their musical interests and expertise. Yoo expressed that he would be the best one to understand Peter Pan Complex’s music while Kim Do-gyun cited Wiretap in My Ear’s attention to pure rock as his reason for wanting them. Kim Kyung-ho, referring to his performing experience, indicated that he would be able to offer help in making performances that can become one with audiences.

Although there were interviews from the bands, it was not entirely clear how they had made their choices or how they will work with the coaches. One criterion that came up was how much does each judge drink. Many of these bands are professional musicians who have been making music for many years and have established their style. I guess the relationship between the band and the coach will involve more mentoring than directing/producing.

A new mission was assigned; each band on each team is to select and perform a song from one of the four KBS programs: Music Bank, Concert 7080, Kayo Mudae (Stage) and Saturday Classics. Music Bank deals with the latest K-pop, and Concert 7080 with the Korean pop music from the 70s-80s. Kayo Mudae heavily features the oldies. Saturday Classics, a film program, will feature movie soundtrack.

Below is what each band has chosen. For instance, Pia (Shin), Daybreak (Yoo), Fellas (Kim K.) and Transfixion (Kim D.) all will select a song that had been featured in one of the movies from Saturday Classics and perform against each other; but I doubt that this mission will be the only match they are allowed before elimination takes place. Next episode is scheduled to air on 7/14.

Saturday Classics
Pia vs. Daybreak vs. Fellas vs. Transfixion

Music Bank
Siberian Husky vs. Super Kidd vs. Romantic Punch vs. The Koxx

Concert 7080
Coreyah vs. Rose Motel vs. Achtung vs. Tacopy

Kayo Mudae
Wiretap in My Ear vs. Peter Pan Complex vs. Monni vs. Ynot