With 16 bands left in the contest, Top Band 2 is moving along. This time, the stage was set up at Chungju where the world rowing championship is taking place. The bands selected songs and prepared their performances according to what they had decided in the last episode. Tonight’s episode aired the four teams of the Kayo Mudae group and Fellas from the Saturday Classics group; Pia, Daybreak and Transfixion’s stages will be aired next week.

Achtung covered Cho Yong-pil’s “Short Hair” or “Bobbed Hair.” Achtung’s effervescent acoustic guitar sounds matched well with the glinting water behind. Coreyah’s “Why call” by Song Chang-shik was dynamic; the vocalist delivered both sorrow and spirit, and the shifts in the song were stimulating. Rose Motel’s performance of Insooni’s “Each and Every Night” drove the audience to a state of euphoria. Tacopy chose to cover 들국화 (Camomile)’s “Train to the World” and added plenty of punk rock to the song. For me, while all of the performances were fun and impressive, Achtung and Coreyah’s stages kept me interested by offering covers that were very disparate from yet as intense as the originals.

The scoring is still not entirely clear to me, but it might be something similar to this: A sample of 300 people was invited to be the audience who would choose two bands from each of the four groups. The rationale for having a public judging component was not explained clearly. In the first match among Achtung, Coreyah, Rose Motel and Tacopy, Rose Motel and Achtung were chosen to advance to the next round.

From the Saturday Classics group, only Fellas was aired, probably in order to dramatize the competition among the three greats. Fellas chose “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Michael Bolton over “How Deep is Your Love,” which was suggested by their coach Kim Kyung-ho. Fellas showed us what kind of music they like and want to make through their performance. They gathered positive response from the audience.

Next episode is scheduled to air on July 21.