Every Single Day comes from the soundtrack for Golden Time, which just ended. I only watched the last six episodes and missed much, but the bits I saw were full of life that is real and ongoing. While the peeps at Haeundae Sejoong may not be able to solve colossal problems in one sweep, for the things that they do and for which they try hard, there comes reward, like the faces in the tiny photos stuck to Min-woo’s bed.

Hourglass is a band with three guys who have several albums together. They won the top place at the Busan MBC Rock Festival in 1997 and released their first record two years later. Moon Sung-nam from the band directed music for the current show as well as Pasta from 2010. Similarity does not stop there. Some of you might have noticed the familiar faces like Lee Sung-min and the orthopedics docs who had appeared in Pasta, which was directed by Kwon Suk-jang, one of the producers of Golden Time.