Lambent is a new word I learned recently. Below are from the Oxford English Dictionary.

a. Of a flame (fire, light): Playing lightly upon or gliding over a surface without burning it, like a ‘tongue of fire’; shining with a soft clear light and without fierce heat.
c. By extension, of eyes, the sky, etc.: Emitting, or suffused with, a soft clear light; softly radiant.
d. fig. Of wit, style, etc.: Playing lightly and brilliantly over its subjects; gracefully sportive.

The original sentence in which I found this word has escaped my memory, and I am not confident that my use is entirely correct, but young Park Ji-min’s singing, to my crass ear, rightfully captures the word, because her voice is so softly radiant.

I never watched KPop Star but later watched YouTube videos of the top contestants. Ji-min was amazing as had been accounted by media. I remember thinking that she was one of those people blessed by heaven to inspire others with their music.

Ji-min has paired with another young talent Paek Ye-rin (pronounced more like Yirin or Yeyrin) in singing “I Dream.”