Urban Zakapa is known by many great songs, one of which is “Cafe Latte.” Listening to this song, you would think that their voices are the actual drips of aromatic coffee.

I heard “Reunion” or “Meeting Again” while watching Can We Get Married. If you are a fan of Korean drama, I recommend this show, which just ended with a 20th episode. It will make you want to become a better spouse, parent, child, sibling and friend all of whom the world always can use more of.

2012 as a Korean TV junkie entailed several memorable shows. Gombaeryong – Heaven’s Garden marked the beginning, and I Live in Chungdam kept me contemplating and laughing in the first half. Answer Me 1997 with its constant references to older K-Pop and trials and crispy pleasures of adolescence was the summer. Although I wasn’t able to start a full-length drama until later in December, during the fall I watched several Drama Specials, and Still Photo was memorable. Then the winter, and I’m still watching School 2013 and Can We Get Married. The Chaser and A Wife’s Credentials are on the list to be watched. I just need more time and health. Only if I could summon up some wasted time from 2012 and use it as drama time..

Happy new year, everybody!