This is an update to a previous post concerning buying Korean music and highlights stores that sell physical CDs rather than downloadable music.

Bandi Book
Bandi Book was formerly known as Aladdin US. Aladdin US which had been associated with Aladin, a mega online bookstore based in Korea, has broken its ties and has revamped as “Bandi Book US.” As an opening event, the store is offering coupons and free shipping to purchases over $75.00 ($50.00 for CA customers).

Bandi Books

Aladin in Korea had previous contracted out its overseas operation but now will directly operate its US service referred to as Aladin US.


Interpark is another mega online store that sells more than just books and music. Interpark has what’s called “Global Interpark” for overseas customers.

Interpark Global


So, Where should you buy from?

Before making a purchase, you should compare the price of the item and the shipping cost. One store may offer a lower price for one item but not another. Shipping costs that shift depending on the number of items your purchase should be considered. Since stores tend to offer discounts or specials nearing holidays, you may want to wait until the holiday season to make your purchase.

According to my searches, Aladin seems to have a wider selection of music, in addition to offering access to Korean electronic books and used books. Interpark offers competitive prices for many books. Bandi Book has been a solid store (under its old name) and is aggressively marketing its new storefront.

Although everything is in Korean, you can create an account with each store easily and without an alien registration number. If you are interested in becoming a member, you simply need to look for “회원가입,” which will take to a form page on which you will fill out text boxes for personal information.