“Leaning against the window in this tiny room, I sing a song that nobody knows” so begins Phantom’s newest song that makes reference to the great Cho Yong-pil. In the song, the nameless songwriter has yet to find his stage but sings quietly in the confines of his room. Looking at his thin wallet that can hardly cover his rent, the songwriter is frustrated by his lack of success and inability to provide comfort to his lover. In spite of the difficulties, in the end, the songwriter confesses his genuine love for her and renews his dream of growing into an enduring musician.

Even though Phantom may share in the distressed artist’s passion for music, their voices certainly have been heard by people other than themselves. Phantom steadily has been gaining recognition. I learned of the trio (Kiggen, Sanchez, and Hanhae) via Verbal Jint and this video. They are such a charming bunch.