Because Panic is such an influential name to K-pop listeners, many will still remember Kim Jin-pyo as that tall young man who looked rather small next to the versatile Lee Juck who shocked the world with the band’s debut album. Panic hasn’t done much since their fourth album from 2005, but we know Lee Juck’s been living a busy life not only as a musician but also as an author who has published two novels. But what about Kim Jin-pyo?

He was in a metal band called Novasonic for a while, but he’s been focusing more on hip hop and honing his skills as a rapper. Kim, also known as JP, has six full-length solo albums, with the most recent one from 2012. While I haven’t listened to everything, the songs that I remember most are the ones with catchy melodies, a moderate beat and pleasant female vocals.

The song above is fairly old; it comes from his fourth album published in 2003. “유난히” means “particularly”,  “especially”, “unusually”, or “exceptionally.” JP wrote the lyrics and Lee Juck composed the song. It also features the airy voice of the young Shin Yeahwon who has become her own musician in ten years’ time. Yeahwon is now better known for her jazz music.