Lee Ki-chan was still in high school when he recorded this song on his debut album Na na na na Nineteen (1996). Makes one wonder – what the heck was I doing when I was his age?

Although not as high as it is today, the number of teen musicians in K-pop was certainly growing in the late 1990s. But Lee was one of the few young ballad singers who made a real impression with his fine sensibilities and earnest vocals which weren’t typical for someone of his age.

Lee is also a winner of the periodic talent show at Starry Night the radio program which was hosted by Lee Moon-se at the time. Lee Moon-se still recalls Lee Ki-chan’s rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” as one of the most memorable entries. Before television became ubiquitous with the availability of fast Internet and the audition craze consumed the nation in the recent years, Starry Night’s talent shows were highly popular, and several of its participants went on to become big musicians, including Lee Soo-young, Lee So-jung (musical actress), Hey, Kim Jin-ho (SG Wannabe), Naul, Hwayobi, Joo-hyun Ok (Finkl), Ho-jin In (Sweet Sorrow), Ryeowook (SJ), Jin-ju, Riaa and Lee Ji-young (Big Mama).