I’ve been watching jTBC’s Childless Comfort every free moment I could find and haven’t really been listening to a lot of K-pop lately. Am finally through with the drama, which reminded me how much I love these long-running family dramas with a large cast. Then yesterday, I was YouTubing Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook because I was in need of his dorky jokes and squeaky laughs and came across a video of “긱스.”

I thought Gigs(긱스) had released a new album, but it was Geeks(긱스) who apparently is the hottest hip hop duo now in Korea. I caught a segment of Sketchbook and found out that Louie and Lil Boy met through an online hip hop community and formed the group. Their debut work is an EP from 2011, and many of their songs are doing very well, topping different K-pop charts. I loved Epik High’s “I Remember” when it first came out for different reasons, one of which was Tablo’s sharp and crisp voice. Louie of Geeks somehow reminds me of that.