You may know Kim Dae-joong as a former president who received the Nobel Peace Prize. There is also the musician Kim Dae-joong who sings and plays the acoustic guitar in the above video. I came across Kim via an EBS Space episode featuring blues musicians, some of whom also play instruments behind Kim. Anyone recognize Kammakwi from Nunco in the background?

With humor and wit, 300/30 accounts the sad improbability of finding a decent room for rent in Seoul with the meager money that the narrator has. #/# is used to indicate deposit and monthly rent in Korea. In the case of 300/30, a person would pay the security deposit of 3,000,000won (~$3,000) and a monthly rent of 300,000won (~$300) for the room. But as you may have guessed, 300/30 is not enough to get you a decent room, especially in this time and age of horrible housing market.

300/30 is the first track on the compilation album titled Blues The, Blues from 2012. This song was nominated for the category of best rock song of the year in the 2013 Korea Music Awards.