“Wish You’re My Girl” is on AND’s debut album from 2003. It’s a shame that more people don’t know about him. I didn’t know what happened to him since his first album came out, but it looks like he released shorter-length albums in 2011 and 2012, in addition to singing chorus for musicians like Lena Park and Brown Eyed Soul.

I remembered reading somewhere that Cho Kyu-chan composed “Wish You’re My Girl.” Then, just now, as I was searching for information on AND, I found a blog entry from 2005 written by someone who had befriended AND on her trip to India.

She didn’t recognize him because she had been traveling abroad for quite a while, but she’d see him with a guitar. Sometimes he would sing for other travelers who were exhausted from their long journeys under the scorching sun. She was one of them to whom his music offered comfort.

On one occasion, the woman said to AND, “You’re so awesome for living out your passion.” In response, he recounted the story of how he got to release his first album and how it hasn’t been always easy.

Although he’d been playing piano and flute for a long time, his label wouldn’t really pay attention to him. After seven years of training and about to give up his dream, he went out to Han River with a fishing rod on one pouring day. There were three other men on the river fishing. After long hours of waiting, he caught a big fish but decided to give it away, seeing no point of keeping it. He walked over to one of the men who turned out to be the musician Cho Kyu-chan. AND pretended not to notice Cho but somehow decided that day that he would try one last time before quitting his musical pursuit.

At the next audition he went to, he saw that Cho was one of the judges. The two met for the second time, and that is how AND’s professional career began.

Pretty amazing. Isn’t it? After reading about him, I am more interested in this guy, and his song sounds even more awesome.

Source: http://blog.naver.com/mimi_special?Redirect=Log&logNo=40018184422