When I listened to “The Latest Fad”(최신유행) for the first time, I liked it so much that I listened to it for the next hour or so. The melody sticks to your ear, and the sound of the song gives off pleasing energy. (not really sure if electric eels are all that pleasing in reality.)

I found out about The Electric Eels through Top Band 2, which turned out to be a disappointment unlike its predecessor. On the outset, the band looks like another company of dorks lamenting and celebrating the loser status that’s been reserved for many twenty-somethings who pace around in search of security and love. The young and the hopeless (and the hopeful) is not an unfamiliar theme in Korean pop culture, and there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of that in K-indie recently. Despite all the similarities that The Electric Eels may share with other bands that sing about the ordinary stuff of life, their music stands out, and it’s here to stay.