Small O’s fantastic and warm “That Will Fall” reminds a K-pop listener of foreign indie rock. The colorful sounds that different instruments create around a memorable melody as well as the fantastic lyrics generate an unfamiliar yet exciting listening experience. Small O must be a nature-loving band because “That Will Fall” sings of a chirping bird, waves lapping in a little pond, sweet-smelling flowers, a dancing donkey, a luxuriant forest, a leaping earth, and reindeer sitting around a lake. The singer is dancing along these mystical creatures of nature. The king has been ousted. The pauper prince and the farmer’s daughter are about to march on. Although I am not sure what Small O means by “that,” it must be something whose fall will make all these creatures of nature sing and dance merrily.

Small O is a five-member band whose idea for their name came from Cho Se-hui’s novel The Dwarf. Three of the band members also have been playing in the band Eastern Sidekick. Small O formed in 2011 and signed with Fluxus Music. Their first EP was released in February, 2013.