Wouldn’t you totally pick up the damn phone on the first ring if you knew it was going to be Ye-rim’s mesmerizing voice on the other end? The coloring wouldn’t even last three seconds.

From her very first public appearance with Do Dae-yoon on Superstar K3, Lim Kim’s signature voice has tickled my ear and captured my heart. While Do, who is just as talented, has decided to finish high school before turning to music full-time under the wings of Yoon Jong-shin at Mystic89, Kim has released her solo project. Listening to “Coloring,” I feel as though I am traveling on a meandering path across a glowing forest or something magical like that. After listening to it once, I immediately wanted to find out who the writer of the song is. And of course, it’s none other than Cho Hue-il of The Black Skirts who had previously injected pleasant shocks to K-indie with their debut album. I also found Cho’s original/demo of “Coloring.”

“Coloring” is more than an evidence of young talent, intelligent decisions and artistic collaboration. Best of luck to Kim and her overachieving boss Jong-shin!