A music critic whose blog I like to read described Sunwoo Junga’s music as one that blurs boundaries. I agree. Her works might be traced back to a passion and career that runs across different genres and domains. Sunwoo listened to rock as a teen, studied jazz in college, has accompanied other musicians, has produced music for films, and has collaborated with YG, writing for some of their artists who are at the forefront of commercial K-pop. But before I learned these things about her, watching her in the videos and listening to her, I was easily convinced that here is a woman who loves making music that is uniquely hers yet with potential to be enjoyed by many. And she seems so casual about the whole thing, making her all the more likable. Sunwoo has out two full-length albums and is with the label Magic Strawberry Sound where Oksang Dalbit, Lucite Tokki, and Jeong Cha-sik also make their home.