I watched Show Me the Money 2 for the first time last week. Would I be right if I call it a mini combination of Superstar K for rappers and I am a Singer? I don’t know how the money part in the show’s title works, but listening to music in which lyrics are given utmost attention has been refreshing even though not all lyrics are outstanding. I know little about rap but there is a certain beauty in these powerful words thoughtfully arranged to a beat in rhyme.

Many of the contestants are currently active rappers from the underground hip hop scene. Mad Clown is one of them. It seems like he already had a huge following. My initial impression of Mad Clown: a dorm mate who majors in engineering gets so menacing and is all teeth when rapping.

On that note, ” Basil,” which was the first song that came up in searches, was a surprise. I have since listened to some of his other tracks and appreciated the brutally personal voice in which he narrates his experience. He maintains clarity that makes it easy for listeners to relate to his stories. Now that Mad Clown’s getting a lot of spotlight for being on TV and for looking rather unadorned, and thus different, next to a bunch of flashy dudes, “Basil” might get more airtime.