Kim Min-gi (김민기), perhaps the most gifted lyricist and one of the most influential artists of all time, wrote “Friend” (친구) when he was still in high school. He had lost his friend at the time. The song begins “When it rains on the dark blue sea, where is the sky and where is the water.” The singer seems to be ruminating in agony and disbelief – I am here living, and they say that you are there dead, but how do they distinguish life and death? I can see your face among the scattering petals and hear your distant voice. Who is to contradict me if I insist that what I am seeing and hearing are all very real.

After reading about the recent tragedy that claimed the lives of five teenagers, I wonder if the friends of the lost boys will harbor similar thoughts and suffer. It is heartbreaking that these kids, so full of promises, were so easily sacrificed at the hands of adults who failed to do their job.