I recently stumbled upon a Dancing 9 video on YouTube and couldn’t stop thinking about dancing. I even looked up Isadora Duncan after hearing about her on the show.

Dancing 9 is an Mnet show similar to Super Star K but with a focus on dance rather than voice. Contestants are selected into two teams led by masters with expertise in one of the four styles: Street, K-Pop, Contemporary, and DanceSport. Some masters have ballet background as well. The winning team receives money to put on a show while the losing team has to give up a member each episode it loses.

Dance as a form of both art and entertainment had been a distant wonder to me. But as I was watching dancers do all sorts of unreal things on this show, it dawned on me that, at the core, dance is about using all of your body to communicate emotions, moments and stories. Just like speaking, singing, writing, and painting.

For someone like me who never knew about these dancers who devote their lives to mastering a particular style of dance and creating choreography, the show (minus the tantalizing and cheapening fillers) has been a boon. So much content in such a short span of time. I don’t know where else I’d be able to watch or how much I’d have to pay to watch something like this.

Contemporary dance really shines on the show, so I’ve been looking for video clips of that. “Laboratory Dance Project” (LDP) appears to be a group largely made up of graduates from Korea National University of Arts. The clip of their show called “No Comment” above is unsettling. You can see master Lee Yong-woo and contestant Ryu Jin-wook dancing in it. There’s also a company called “Edx2.” They have made some of their videos available that are worth watching.