Turbo’s “Reminiscence” is a winter favorite for many that it has even become trite for some. I wouldn’t be surprised if some coffee shop is playing this song right this moment. It is a love song about a guy who returns to the forlorn beach that he used to visit every winter with his lover. This time, he is alone because the lover is no more. The lyrics are pretty, but the music video is a little interesting.

Turbo is a male duo who was much popular in the nineties. Their catchy and danceable songs topped many charts. Some of their most well-known tracks are “Black Cat”, “Twist King”, “Love Is”, “Goodbye Yesterday”, and “Tonight.”

Turbo debuted in 1995 with two members. Kim Jung-nam was the leader who was a fine dancer. Kim Jong-gook was the younger one with the unique voice, which has become recognizable to almost every Korean. When Kim Jung-nam left the team, Mikey joined Jong-gook, and together they continued Turbo’s success. Turbo concluded their career in 2001.

Even though Kim Jong-gook has been a successful solo artist and a great addition to shows like X-Men and Running Man and despite the horrible stories concerning how Turbo was treated by their abusive management early in their career, Turbo means a lot and will be remembered through their nineties songs.