Mr. 2’s “White Winter” is another winter classic. This song must be on every winter-themed compilation that was ever published.

The record containing this song was released in October of 1993, and in that winter between 1993 and 1994, you could literally hear “White Winter” everywhere in Korea. It was that popular. Probably drove some people nuts like “Last Christmas” does to some people. Because of this song, Mr. 2, a male duo who debuted in 1993, is still a familiar name to many Korean listeners. Even those who may not know who Mr. 2 is would still recognize “White Winter.”

Mr. 2 consists of Lee Min-gyu and Park Sun-woo. I couldn’t find much on Lee, but Park who majored in theater arts has shifted his career to acting and has appeared in different shows. They still perform at shows and concerts, especially around this time of the year.

As I was writing, I listened to “White Winter” and some of their other songs like “Empty House,” and I just couldn’t help thinking how great their voices were. Their songs, at least the ones I listened, also capture the nineties moment really well. Made me wonder why they didn’t end up gaining more popularity. After releasing the second record, which did not fare as well as their debut album, the two misters each went their separate ways. I think I will be listening to more of Mr. 2.