“Good Place” (좋은 나라) is a song by a duo called Poet & the Village Chief (시인과 촌장) who began their career almost three decades ago. Ha Deok-kyu who wrote much of the music is now a priest and Ham Choon-ho is a friendly guitarist in high demand. Poet & the Village Chief’s music often sang about different things of the natural world in a deeply personal way. Some of it’s very beautiful. Sometimes it’s painful. Their music is like an astute observer who has a knack for translating abstract emotions into bare, tangible words.

It was only last July that I read about the loss of five high school boys who were taken by the sea while on a field trip. In February, nine university students who were on a freshmen welcoming trip were taken when their venue came falling down on the students. Negligence on the part of the dipshits continues to shake and debilitate an entire nation. It is as though nothing makes sense, and everyone is at a loss for words. Help us all be faithful to the jobs we’ve been given as we mourn and pray.