A good friend of mine in Korea recently turned 29 (by the Korean age standard, meaning she is now 28 years old elsewhere in the world). She technically started telling everyone and being considered by everyone that she is 29 when this year began since that is how most people determine age in Korea. Now that she has finally become 29 (or 28), I included link to this song in the email I wrote her with the words from the song as a joke: If you go on the distance you’ve come, you’ll be almost sixty!!! I’m sure there are different ways to interpret this.

I read in an issue of SOUND* that band leader Sung Ki-wan wrote this particular song (which is on the album Time Table from 2004) just as Nam Sang-ah, the band’s wondrous vocalist, was on the cusp of turning 30. A great song that aptly deals with the arrival of that part of life. The Advent of the Thirties (or Forties, since 40 is the new 30!).

*SOUND is a periodical that publishes articles about Korea’s popular music, music history, music industry, and policies that affect the industry. It is written by highly qualified writers, researchers, and music aficionados.