Show Me the Money 3 is back for another season. Three episodes have been aired, and next week, rappers are going to be divided into teams led by different producers.

I don’t follow hip hop and only know about a handful of major artists, but one thing I found impressive while watching previous seasons was the genre’s ability to make people pay close attention to lyrics. I don’t think the producers or the contestants from this season have had the opportunity to show off this ability yet because there’s just been a lot of same old bluffing. What do I want to see? I keep going back to Garion’s performance of “Husk, Go Away” with TakeOne from 2012. They chant – Go away anything that lacks substance.

The charismatic message is familiar because it derives from poet Shin Dong-yup’s “Husk Go Away” (1967). It is a poem well known to Koreans for its resolute directive against imperialism and for its desire for unification. Here is the English translation of the poem.