It was Chuseok a couple of weeks ago. Besides the Lunar New Year, Chuseok is one of the biggest holidays when many Koreans are expected to travel across the country to visit families and relatives. I can remember going to my paternal grandmother’s before the holiday began to get ready for the day and visiting my maternal grandmother’s the day after with bags of food. Despite the fact that Chuseok can also be a rather stressful time for many for different reasons, I still believe it has way more goods than bads. This song by a three-piece band called “Ha Susang” aptly sketches the festive sense of anticipation that accompanies one’s journey home for a family holiday. The song’s Korean title is “선리 가는 길,” which means “the way to seon-li (禪理).” According to song information, Seon-li is also the name of one of the band members’ hometown.