Shin Hae-chul

Shin Hae-chul (1968-2014)

During lunch on October 27, I opened the Korean news portal site on my phone and spotted the character ‘故’ in front of Shin Hae-chul’s name to learn that he had passed away. It was hard to believe. Even though the media had been covering about his hospitalization, who would have thought.

It was hard to believe because he was that person whom you thought would be around to speak and scream his mind when the rest of us were too timid, too fettered, too comfortable, and too self-conscious to do so. He gifted us with his music and persona. He was a tireless musician according to the works created and the accounts of his fellow artists. From his outspokenness many of us experienced vicarious satisfaction. He was a remarkable listener during his career as a radio host. I think it is because of this immense presence of his that he is so deeply missed. Whether you are a diehard fan, an occasional listener, or just a passerby not really familiar with the guy does not matter – you have experienced his presence in one way or another.