One benefit I reaped from watching My Name is Kim Sam-soon was finding Oksu Sajinkwan. Their “쉬운 얘기,” directly translated to “Easy Talk,” was a little gem of a song. Oksu Sajinkwan is a three-piece band whose name reveals two bits of information about them. Oksu is a locale in Seoul’s Seongdong district; it is where the band settled to make music together. Sajinkwan, which means a photo studio, is indicative of their shared hobby of taking photographs. Used to boy/girl group names consisting of enigmatic initials, I thought Oksu Sajinkwan was such a simple and fine name for a local band that made great Korean-style pop songs.

I later learned from You Hee-yeol’s radio (or television) program that the band members already had accomplished much prior to becoming Oksu Sajinkwan. Their combined experience includes music work for motion pictures such as Art Museum by the Zoo (1998) and The Way Home (2002), winning the first place at the 10th Yoo Jae-ha Music Contest, and arrangement work and studio sessions for various artists. As Oksu Sajinkwan, they released their first full-length album in 2007. Their second album is coming out at the end of this November. Two of the tracks were released early. “Autumn Flow” is one of them.