When Hi.ni’s remake of Bank’s hit song came on Answer Me 1994, my linguistically simpleminded self was thinking, “What kind of name is Hi ni with a dot in the middle?” K-Pop already abounds with bizarre names, why add another one?  Well, today, I discovered that Hi.ni who actually owns a normal Korean name (Won Yu-ri) got her stage name from her father who has been working hard in Vietnam for the last 5-6 years and picked out the Vietnamese word that means “precious child” or “precious baby” for her daughter. After reading about the origin of Hi.ni, I immediately wanted to take back what I had thought about the name, because it’s pretty cool that her dad did this for her.

Her remake did not leave much of an impression, and I did not hear much about her since. Today I listened to “Clutch Bag” from her latest album for the first time and have listened to it multiple times already. I went to her website and listened to previews of the album – I think everyone will be hearing more about her.