Not having watched Unpretty Rapstars I had no idea who Jessi was or that she used to be in Uptown or that she is also known as Jessica H.O. Although Uptown was best known when Yoon Mirae was still around singing “다시 만나줘,” because they were one of the first to localize hip hop in Korea and to have Korean-American members, it’s significant that the young Jessi made her debut with this group. Considering that she’s still young, one can wonder how overwhelming her world must have felt when she plunged into the showbiz in a land mostly foreign. Jessi’s been getting a lot of media attention these days. She featured in JYP’s new song. She made her mark on Unpretty Rapstars. She has comedians impersonating her. I have no memory of the young Jessi but I find the current Jessi much charming. She does wear thick makeup that makes you want to poke fun at Korean plastic surgery. She shows attitude on the reality show. She talks funny in Korean, which some may take as crass, in her raspy voice. She has a pretty face with a beautiful smile. She has multiple qualities that hungry media can capitalize upon. All these qualities that Jessi presents help advance her charm, but many will agree that, at the end of the day, it’s her voice and performance that delivers her most substantive charm. I really hope that Jessi will lead a long, fruitful career as a musician.