I’ve been earwormed by this song!

Day 6 is the name of the band that sing it. They made their debut recently under JYPE. The song is about a bitter breakup in which the guy who had been duped into thinking that he and his lover just needed some time off runs into the girl with another man on the subway. And he thinks “Congratulations, you’re so unbelievable for being so effed up” and walks away for good.

I almost wish that there was some emotional screaming and howling in the chorus to deliver that bitterness. It’s still a great song all written and performed by the band themselves. It’s my favorite track from their album.

While there have been numerous boy groups that took the shape of a band, like Click B, FT Island, and CNBLUE, they were rarely received by the wider Korean audience as full-blown bands who produced their own music and built up their fan base through hitting the tour circuit, which is a limited practice in Korea anyway. A part of me says that Day6 have the potential to be regarded as a real band by many Koreans as long as they can continue to make good music that they are proud of and tells about themselves in a unifying, coherent manner.

Will we see more of this band format in boy groups released by big labels? A recent tweet by Yong Jong-shin’s Mystic Entertainment looking specifically for good-looking teen boy band potentials says yes.

Mystic's Tweet